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Jun 27, 2016


Stacey is co-president of Aventria Health Group, a marketing agency specializing in helping pharmaceutical, device and pharmacy clients gain access to patients by creating and leveraging partnerships with other health care organizations. For twenty years, Stacey has innovated better-coordinated health solutions benefiting all stakeholders, and most of all the patient.

02:15 Tip #1: Think ahead of time about what unique expertise listeners want to hear from you.
03:00 “People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.”
03:15 Insights from Annette DuBard of CCNC, Josh Benner of RxAnte, Eric Grossman of NextHealth, Soheil Saadat of GenieMD and Friendly, and Lisa Erwin of Aventria Health Group
05:50 Tip #2: Tell stories.
09:15 Tip #3: Explain the Why.
10:00 To avoid confusion, take it one whole answer at a time - just talk about the problem, just talk about the solution.
11:20 Lessons learned from “Same Side Selling,” by Ian Altman.
12:45 Get to the problem first.
13:00 Tip #4: Make sure your back story is unique and meaningful.
15:00 Tip #5: Test your sound quality ahead of time.
16:20 The best places to find good sound quality.
16:50 Skype test calls.
17:30 Surprisingly noisy everyday-sounds that wind up in recorded audio.
19:45 Tip #6: Give actionable advice.
20:15 Tip #7: Make it a conversation.
20:30 The more often speakers switch, the higher the baseline interest level.
22:00 “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” - Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”
22:30 Don’t read from a prepared statement - you’ll sound like you’re reading something.
23:15 Pause after each thought and leave a cliffhanger.
24:30 Tip #8: Tell the interviewer in advance what you want to talk about.
25:20 Tip #9: If the show is edited, feel free to pause.
27:15 Uh, um, sort of, sorta: Easy to edit, don’t sweat it.
28:45 Make sure to check out next week’s regular podcast episode, which airs on Thursday, July 7th.