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Nov 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Most importantly, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Here at the Relentless Health Value podcast, we are grateful to you for listening.

5 Takeaways from the NYeC Digital Health Conference 2014

  1. ACA’s payment reform means the business model for HC needs to adapt.Ezekiel Emanuel: "If we really want the digital medicine of the future, we're going to have push hard on payment reform for it."
    Eric Topol: Need to move to capitation, bundled payments, two-side risk
    Jacob Reider: "Sharing risk provides incentive to share health information ~ new business models will promote interoperability"

  2. Technology enables personalized medicine at scale — and personalized medicine is a must-have for successful population health.
    1. personalized medicine for treatment decisions.Every hospital should be able #genesequence suspected #infections instead of wait 3 days for culture results. @EricTopol 
    2.  Personalized medicine of the pillClose to 55% of drugs prescribed are ineffective for the patients they are prescribed for, per @gnshealthcare 
    3. Personalized patient engagement"There's got to be a better way" than just "take a pill that will solve all your problems” - Sky Christopherson an olympic cyclist & coach who demonstrated by using data, not drugs to break world records and win olympicsBecause most health decisions happen between visits. whether a drug works or not depends on whether the patient takes it, and that is a decision solely in the patients hands.

  3. Technology demands an Uber-Doctor - a new kind of doctor.The job of the physician is changing due to manifold external pressures:
    Pressures transforming the role of the physician. Shown by Eric Topol.

    Docs be less involved in diagnosis. there are plenty of scans, labs, imaging so patients will be able to self-monitor and technology might read their results at a grand scale.

  4. Sharing and collaborating requires trust and shared priorities.Trust someone won’t abuse private info.

    How do you remove the business interests that are barriers to sharing data - David Liss

    How do you create trust? Listen to last week's podcast with Charlie Green from Trusted Advisors:

  5. The decentralization of healthcare providers and re-centralization around the patient.We need an internet of You. The patient is the only common entity between healthcare sites. "Internet of You" will require a customizable, interoperable platform that connects Internet-enabled devices.

    Care no longer in the locus of the hospital. no longer centralized. care all over the place. in the home. via telemedicine.