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Jun 13, 2016

Jason RoseJason Rose is Chief Strategic Development Officer for Inovalon, a leading technology company providing advanced, cloud-based analytics and data-driven intervention platforms to the healthcare industry. Since joining the company in 2008, he has led a wide range of health-focused initiatives aimed at driving improvements in quality and financial outcomes through advanced data-analytics and technology platforms. In his current position, he is responsible for all aspects of introducing, launching, and expanding the Company’s product and technology presence within the healthcare marketplace. In addition, he supports a wide range of corporate directives including corporate branding and communication, market expansion, and strategic partnerships and alliances

Most recently, Mr. Rose has played a key role in forging the collaboration between Inovalon and lab-testing giant, Quest Diagnostics, to develop and launch Data Diagnostics™, an industry-first solution that provides real-time analytics at the point of care. The ground-breaking platform enables clinicians to request patient-specific analyses on demand within their existing workflow and receive results within seconds. The solution was designed to support the achievement of value-based care initiatives, quality improvement, cost reduction, risk score accuracy, and a host of additional goals during a patient encounter.

Prior to joining Inovalon, Mr. Rose served as Senior Vice President of Public Programs, Health and Disease Management Services for APS Healthcare, Inc., a provider of specialty healthcare solutions, where he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of Health and Disease Management programs across the Public Programs division. He has also served in leadership roles at INSPIRIS, Inc., Ardent Health Services, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (now Accenture) and Cerner Corporation.

Mr. Rose earned his Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree from The George Washington University School of Business. Mr. Rose received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Radford University.

00:00 Jason explains Data Diagnostics, the new joint venture between Inovalon and Quest Diagnostics.
02:30 The major challenges in making a shift from volume to value in Healthcare and empowering Health Plans, ACOs, IDNs, Practice Groups, and Physicians themselves in this change.
03:30 Getting data into a doctor’s workflow and acknowledging how doctors are being valued.
04:30 How Inovalon and Quest Diagnostics came together to create Data Diagnostics.
07:00 “70% of Clinical Decisions are based on a lab.”
08:00 Interoperability challenges and getting data into an EHR.
08:30 Insuring accuracy in workflow data.
09:20 HEDIS & Quality Measurement.
09:50 Receiving real-time data and delivering it to the EHR with a quick and accurate turn around.
11:00 A Dual Patient scenario and Quality measures.
13:00 Giving specific Technical Guidelines in the EHR for Patient Care.
14:30 The real and dangerous problem of Alert Fatigue.
16:00 The limited data sets that feed into the issues of alert fatigue.
18:00 Creating a Working Data Flow with Claims Data.
19:20 Identifying the Primary EHR Systems for Quality Measurements.
20:00 Data Diagnostics initiative to work around the inability to share patient data directly between Health Plans, to make sure Doctors and Patients get the data they need in real-time.
23:00 The difference between Data Diagnostics and an HIE.
24:00 How Data Diagnostics is working to solve interoperability problems across the country.
25:30 Making Data Diagnostics available for every patient.
27:00 How Data Diagnostics works on a organizational level.
29:00 You can find out more by emailing Jason at: or calling him at 301.809.4000 ext.1531, or by checking out Quest’s technology platform, Quanum, on their website, or