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May 9, 2016

Matthew Darling

Matthew Darling is a Vice President at ideas42 and Teaching Fellow in Economic Design at Harvard University. He has contributed to ideas42 projects in poverty, health care, early childhood education, financial literacy, mortgage default reduction, climate change, and labor economics. Like all humans, Matt has a limited memory – he might be forgetting a few project domains. Matt graduated from Hampshire College with a self-designed concentration in economics and cognitive science, and from Tufts University with a MS in economics. He has previously worked as a consultant at Kohlberg and Associates, and as a research assistant at the Stanford Neuroeconomics Lab. In his copious free time he enjoys reading, biking and playing ultimate frisbee or board games.

00:00 Matt explains Behavioral Economics.
03:30 Why Behavioral Economics is important within the realm of healthcare.
05:00 Cost vs. Quality, and decisions based in and out of cost.
07:50 The difficulty in obtaining accurate cost information.
09:45 The assumptions people make within economics.
14:45 Patient Engagement and Behavioral Economics.
19:50 How people are making their decisions, and how people think about how people make their decisions.
23:40 “How do you conceptualize and communicate with someone?”
26:00 How Behavioral Economics plays into providers’ actions and decisions.
28:50 Who ideas42 caters to.