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Dec 8, 2015

Asif KhanLike many of us, Asif Khan worries about the health of his parents. Unlike many of us, Asif took that worry and leveraged twenty years of experience within the technology and global healthcare realm to create a revolutionary cloud-based communication and care coordination platform that streamlines collaboration among health care providers, non-clinical staff members, residents and their families.

Caremerge offers HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, shared care plans, real time risk management and proactive quality measures designed to increase quality of life. Designed specifically to meet the needs of a growing market, the platform is easy to launch, simple to use and highly impactful across multiple care settings.

Caremerge is funded and backed by Cambia Health, GE Ventures, Ziegler LinkAge Longevity Fund, Generator Ventures (Formation Capital) and Arsenal Venture Partners.

Asif holds a B.A. in journalism & history and a B.S. in computer science. He earned his MBA from Booth School of Business – University of Chicago. He is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

00:00 The summary of CareMerge.
01:00 Why Asif founded CareMerge.
05:30 How Asif’s mother inspired him to quit his job and solve an important issue in healthcare.
06:45 The disconnect between the demand in healthcare and the supply of providers.
08:15 How CareMerge is a person-centered solution.
09:00 How the Affordable Care Act is changing the game and pushing those in healthcare to think about care differently.
10:45 The two things that Asif has learned from creating CareMerge.
11:00 “People are only going to use technology if it augments their workflows and experience.”
11:30 “People struggle to change their habits, and in healthcare, it’s all about habits.”
14:30 The majority of CareMerge’s clientele.
16:20 CareMerge’s focus on the highest-risk patients.
18:30 How CareMerge is accessible on all types of devices, and how CareMerge works on an individual standpoint.
22:45 How CareMerge loops patient’s family members or caretakers in via a built-in Advanced Directive platform.
24:00 The importance of a phone call.
28:00 What CareMerge looks like from an internal perspective.
36:00 You can find out more at