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Oct 9, 2015

Paul PochtarPaul Pochtar is an industry leader who has more than 25 years of extensive experience leading the successful commercialization of specialty pharmaceuticals throughout their lifecycle, including several landmark oncology products and other specialty therapeutics. He has been instrumental in developing innovative brand value propositions that resonate with government and commercial payers and in the execution of market introductions by designing novel distribution, dispensing, and patient services models. He has strong operational proficiency and a keen ability to mobilize both Pharma functional skill centers and channel partners to build plans, structures, and processes to efficiently execute strategies.

Paul has enjoyed a distinguished career with Bayer Pharmaceuticals as Vice President of Payer Marketing and with Novartis Pharmaceuticals as Vice President & Head of Oncology Managed Markets and Market Access. He is a graduate of Rutgers University Ernest Mario College of Pharmacy and is a registered pharmacist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He can be reached at

00:00 Paul discusses the changes in the healthcare industry from the Pharma viewpoint.
01:15 Paul breaks down these changes step by step.
02:10 How these changes are impacting Pharma on a larger scale.
03:30 What failure means in the Pharma perspective.
04:25 The issue of needing clear criteria.
05:35 From the Pharma perspective, why companies need to be laying out very strong value proposition.
06:30 From the Pharma perspective, companies need to be laying out a very strong value proposition.
07:40 The right balance of the marketing mix, and what this is for Pharma business in healthcare.
08:35 “Copay is all about supply and demand.”
09:40 The need to think about the business Pharma is truly in, in order to improve patient care.
10:15 Paul discusses successful and non-successful business models that he has come across over the years.
11:40 Paul talks about some of the advanced formulary decision-making criteria for clinical trials hoping to get FDA approval.
14:50 Patient population and how this fluctuates according to the data that a Pharma company has.
16:50 How Pharma is equipped to work with the constant change of decision-makers within healthcare.
18:00 Consolidation within Pharma and how it benefits patient care and healthcare in general.
21:15 How hospitals are changing their infrastructures with population in mind.
23:20 Paul gives his advice to Pharma organizations attempting to navigate their businesses.
24:00 The four things Pharma needs to consider when a manufacturer wants to change.
24:30 Why a comprehensive strategy is most important in considering change within a Pharma company.
27:00 Engaging high-risk patients.
30:00 Which organizations need consideration for having a different collaborating relationship with patients, and how patients are really struggling in the marketplace.