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Oct 6, 2014

Kyle SamaniKyle Samani is a CoFounder and CEO of Pristine, a company pioneering the next generation of tele-presence through Google Glass.

Prior to founding Pristine, Kyle led design and development of a hospital electronic medical record (EMR) system. Kyle is an active writer who writes at the intersection of healthcare, technology, policy, economics, business, and entrepreneurship with an audience of more than 200,000 readers each month.

In addition to writing, he is also an active public speaker. In the past year, Kyle has spoken at HIMSS, SXSW, TEDx, Healthspottr, Rutberg and won the coveted DEMOgod award at the DEMO startup conference. He’s also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). Kyle studied Finance and Management at the NYU Stern School of Business.

Kyle Samani is CEO @ Pristine
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00:00 Kyle talks Pristine, what the company is, and how it came to be.
2:50 Why Kyle decided to start Pristine at the young age of 23.
5:15 Kyle describes Google Glass and how it can benefit the healthcare space.
10:20 How Kyle sparked the idea for Pristine.
14:25 “What is the stuff that we’re going to look back in ten years and say, ‘Obviously that is the simple stuff’?”
15:45 Why Pristine chose video through Glass as the way to approach the healthcare world.
20:30 How Pristine is helping improve medical education.
22:00 How Pristine’s technology and Google Glass are also improving and working as a quality control mechanism for home care.
24:00 What exactly Pristine does as an application for Google Glass.
26:25 The user model for the application varies how many glasses are needed according to what model is being used.
27:30 Studies that show statistic improvements from the use of Pristine’s technology are on the way to being published in the upcoming months.
28:45 How the monetary reimbursement works when using Pristine for remote healthcare.
30:40 How Pristine gains customers and users.
32:10 Pristine works with each customer to build personalized workflow, though the software is essentially the same.
33:00 The unexpected challenges to building a business in the healthcare world.
35:45 Kyle’s own activities and pursuits outside of Pristine.
37:22 Where you can find Kyle’s writing on his blog and other sites: &
38:30 Cool things in the future for Kyle and Pristine.