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Mar 30, 2017

Jonathan Hirsch is the Founder and President of Syapse, a market leader in precision oncology solutions. Jonathan is dedicated to the Syapse vision of transforming healthcare through precision medicine. As President, he works closely with healthcare providers to create a robust software platform that brings together previously fragmented clinical, molecular, and outcomes data to help physicians make better decisions for their cancer patients. Jonathan works on catalyzing national cancer data sharing networks, including Oncology Precision Network (OPeN), and served on the White House Cancer Moonshot Data Sharing Working Group. In addition to his work at Syapse, Jonathan is the Chair of the Data Committee for GBM AGILE, a global initiative to find a cure for brain cancer. He is also a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Clinical Working Group and a member of the UCSF Technology Advisory Group.

Earlier in his career, Jonathan worked in Neuroscience Commercial Development at Abbott Laboratories, where he developed strategies to fund drug development through partnerships and private equity financing. His research at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Chicago helped establish the effect of exercise on promoting hippocampal neurogenesis and combating Alzheimer’s disease. Jonathan received an M.Sci. in Neuroscience from Stanford University and an A.B. in Biology and Political Philosophy from the University of Chicago.

00:00 Population Health Management & Precision Medicine.
01:45 The emphasis of Precision Medicine.
02:10 “Each Patient needs to be fully understood.”
03:00 Chris Cornue - The problem with the vague definition of Population Health.
04:00 Managing Cost Effectiveness within Precision Medicine.
07:15 Looking at the Total Cost of Care and achieving a better outcome.
08:00 Developing a Standard of Care within Precision Medicine.
09:10 Incorporating Data Sharing to improve Precision Medicine.
13:30 Randomized Clinical Trials vs. Continuous Improvement.
17:00 How Jonathan got started Syapse.
20:45 “You’ve really got to demonstrate the what is the ROI to the healthcare system, the hospital, the physician.”
22:00 What organizations really need to think about when implementing Precision Medicine.
22:45 Integrating Data Assets.
23:15 Providing Decision-Support Framework for Physicians.
24:00 Clinical Workflow.
24:15 Creating a Learning Framework.
25:00 You can find out more information at