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Sep 16, 2014

Pete Sheldon - President, Opus Science, LLC

pete_sheldonPete Sheldon is the President of Opus Science, where he works with best-in-class healthcare organizations to develop research and quality improvement initiatives that serve large health systems, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and physician practices. Prior to Opus, Pete was the Vice President/Grant Development for Med-IQ, a CME-accredited provider of medical education and training programs for over 12 years.

In addition, Pete was the Vice President of Business Development for Physicians Practice for 11 years, where he initiated and managed the hospital sponsorship model of distribution for a national practice management publication and worked with over 50 academic medical centers and health systems on improving provider relations and facilitating referrals.

Pete has been an active member and/or speaker for multiple healthcare associations and advisory boards including the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, the National Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement, the Medical Group Management Association and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers. He also serves as the President of the Maryland Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

00:00 Pete’s current role at Opus Science.
00:30 Pete’s educational journey and where he began with an economics degree and no healthcare background.
1:00 Started working with a journal called Physician’s Practice.
1:30 Became a CME accredited provider by way of working with this journal.
2:00 Managed Markets and Medical Education starting in the same place, and their divergence and convergence over the years.
3:50 Research in Pete’s world.
5:40 Opus Science looks at what’s happening with both providers and patients from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint.
6:20 Opus Science researches why healthcare practitioners and patients do things a certain way, and make certain choices.
7:30 The objective of Opus Science’s research and insights—not purely academic, the company works with groups to create tools and educational resources for the healthcare industry.
9:10 “Startling insights” that Pete has come across in this research.
10:50 Opus Science is looking at creating tools to help improve therapy choices based on risk stratification.
12:15 “Tacit Knowledge”
14:00 “What can we do with this data, and what doesn’t exist out there?”
14:15 Projects Opus Science is working on right now.
18:30 The Patient Self-Managed Credential, or Diabetes Credentialing/Patient Credentialing.
21:20 Improved education for patients leads to greater adherence to their care program.
22:30 Pilot programs Opus Science is initiating in states like Ohio, Florida, and Minnesota.
23:40 One thing that could help improve patient outcomes.
24:00 What does patient engagement and patient eccentricity mean?
29:00 Pete’s advice for anyone who is looking to move into Pete’s line of work.
30:15 Obstacles to patient outcomes and creating solutions.
30:50 “What can you do to do something meaningful for your patients?”
31:30 “If you want to change outcomes, change reimbursement”
32:20 Next steps for Pete and Opus Science.
32:30 A lot of interest in Patient simulation at the moment.
33:00 “Adaptive learning”