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Oct 6, 2016


Vincent Esposito, COO

Vincent (‘Vinny’) Esposito joined Endeavor Plus, Inc. as Chief Operating Officer in 2014 after a decade of diversified experience working as a financial investment analyst.

Prior to joining Endeavor Plus, Vinny was a Senior Analyst with Wexford Capital of Greenwich, CT. The firm managed $6 billion in assets, invested globally and approached the market through a thematic lens. Wexford coupled this perspective with fundamental analysis to identify trends across sectors, and invested in best-of-breed names by triangulating information through multiple avenues to develop unique opportunities in the public market based on proprietary work.

Vinny also spent time as a Senior Analyst with another Greenwich firm, Verition Fund, doing deep fundamental analysis prior to the making of investment decisions.

Prior to joining Verition Fund, Vinny served as a Research Associate for the New York-based firms of Canaccord Genuity Research and SES Partners (formerly Circle-T Partners).

Vinny also performed as CEO of Consumer Reconnaissance, Inc. of Long Island, NY, where he founded and oversaw a market research firm that catered to institutional investors, thereby helping fund managers with building out and supporting their investment theses across the consumer sector.

After completing the Presidential Scholar program at Siena College of Loudonville, New York, Vinny graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.

Those interested in learning more about Vinny and Endeavor Plus can contact him by visiting, emailing, or calling 1-844-EHP-WELL.

00:00 The problems employers with 10-500 employees have in getting Insurance.
02:00 Increasing Insurance Premiums.
03:20 How limiting profits has actually raised the price of Insurance.
05:50 How the Standard Model of Healthcare Insurance makes it difficult for Employers to save.
06:25 The advantages of being Self-Funded.
07:50 “15% of the Market today is partially Self-Funded.”
08:45 Administrative Burden and Financial Liability with being Self-Funded.
09:30 Why Reinsurance Businesses are interested in small and medium-sized Employers.
10:35 Defining Reinsurance.
10:50 “Insurance on the Insurance.”
11:45 TPA: Third Party Administrators and Employer Insurance.
12:50 What Endeavor Plus is.
14:15 How outsourcing technology has given Endeavor Plus a competitive edge in pricing.
15:00 Endeavor Plus’s Plan Design.
15:30 Massive Co-Insurance vs. No Co-Insurance.
16:00 Driving Consumerism in the Healthcare Insurance market.
16:30 How Endeavor Plus is cutting out the middleman.
17:25 Where the Cost-Savings is.
19:20 How rising Drug Costs play into the Healthcare Insurance landscape.
20:30 Endeavor Plus’s Business Division and Financial Services Division.
21:45 How Healthcare is affected by Financial Markets.
22:30 Becoming the New Payer in the Healthcare Market.
22:50 “We believe we can change the way Healthcare is consumed, and the cost of it.”
23:15 Lowering Healthcare costs over time.
24:20 Why so many Hospital goes out of business, and why so many Doctors get bought out by Hospital Systems.
25:00 Understanding the Reimbursement Problem and addressing it.
26:00 Making Endeavor Plus visible to those who need to see it.
27:50 Proactively reaching out to clients and doctors.
29:15 You can find out more at, by emailing, or calling 1-844-EHP-WELL.