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Aug 15, 2016

Jonathan OrezanJonathan is a product designer, software engineer, team builder and mobile technology evangelist who enjoys contributing to the growth of the Chicago startup community. His consumer-facing mobile apps have reached hundreds of thousands of users and have been featured by Apple in their App Store as well as on devices in their retail stores. His enterprise-facing web platforms and mobile apps have made an impact on a number of industries and have been used by tens of thousands of business users spanning campus recruiting, automotive, energy, aviation, healthcare, mobile commerce and security.
In his current role, Jonathan serves as Vice President, Product at Zest Health, a Chicago-based venture backed company that offers a personalized mobile concierge service that helps its members optimize their health benefits. Since early 2014, Jonathan and his team have grown their membership of healthcare consumers, providing 24/7 instant access to healthcare professionals, hassle-free appointment scheduling and discounted health-related services via their iOS and Android apps. He is also a co-founder of WÜF, a team working to bring to market the world's smartest dog collar after a successful Kickstarter campaign during the 2014 holiday season that raised nearly $100,000.

Additionally, he is an Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University where he teaches mobile application design and prototyping based on his experiences developing B2B and B2C mobile applications for both consumers and the Fortune 1000. He is also an active speaker, often on topics that include product design, mobile technology and startup culture. A sampling of events include the Twilio Conference, Health 2.0, Exponential Medicine, the Kellogg Technology Conference and enterprise briefings at Apple Headquarters and in their retail stores.

Academically, Jonathan received a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Michigan and a master's degree in computer & information systems from Northwestern University

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00:00 Employees, Employers and Healthcare.
02:20 Price Sensitivity and Good Long Term Decisions.
03:15 What Health Plan Cost increases are doing to both Employees and Employers.
05:00 Use Cases and how these are useful to employers.
05:30 Access to Telemedicine and Urgent Care as important resources.
06:30 Price Shifts and Increasing Health Needs for the modern-day Employee.
07:50 What Zest Health takes into consideration in providing guidance for Employers.
09:45 Defining ‘Patient Advocacy’.
12:15 Employers, Third Parties, and Offering Employee Benefits outside of Payer Services.
14:00 The ways in which Zest Health can assist Employees in accessing their Health Information.
15:20 Bringing all information to one place.
16:20 Utilizing information, and how having all Health Information in one place is paramount to Employee Health.
18:00 Zest Health’s HIPAA compliance and TeleHealth utilization.
20:30 TeleHealth & Healthcare Economics.
20:45 “Is TeleHealth a Cost-Saver, or a Cost-Driver?”
24:30 “Telemedicine is really critically useful.”
27:45 The reception of Zest Health’s service from a Payer standpoint.
29:20 You can find out more at, in the GooglePlay app store, on Twitter @ZestHealth or @JayOzeran, and directly with Jonathan Ozeran on LinkedIn.