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Dec 17, 2015

Leonard Tambasco JrMr. Tambasco has over 34 years corporate management and start-up experience. He proved to be an early innovator in patient engagement and connected care when he founded, developed, and positioned in 2005 as the first consumer friendly, subscription-based personal health records service. AMR also offers EHR vendors a certified patient portal. Prior to founding AMR, he developed, streamlined, and positioned businesses to harness growth while providing measurable returns to investors in private and public sectors, including: President of A1 Internet 1999 – 2000; COO of Computer Access 1996 – 1998, then President 1998 – 1999. Between 2000 and 2005, Mr. Tambasco began a private consulting firm where he successfully offered turnaround and corporate structuring services at C-level in an interim capacity for his clients.

00:00 Lenny explains the difference between a patient portal and a personal health record.
01:50 Lenny’s thoughts on the failures of big PHR initiatives like Google.
02:20 The importance of patient education to the success of PHRs.
03:00 The type of patient that is most active with their EHRs.
04:00 The current state of patient portals within healthcare.
06:00 The original purpose intended for patient portals, and the issues that came with them.
09:15 How meaningful use stage 3 helps patients get a better handle on their PHRs.
11:00 Engaging a patient to interact with PHRs.
13:20 The two items that people look for most in their PHRs.
14:30 How PHRs can be easily moved into the patient portals of choice so that providers and patients can easily access needed information.
16:00 Lenny explains the goal behind Access My Records.
17:00 How Access My Records integrates directly into EHR systems, instead of working with individual providers.
25:15 How a patient gives their provider the information the provider needs to upload patient information to the patient’s PHR portal.
30:00 How providers can find engaging content for patient education, and how Access My Records can assist with this.
35:30 You can find out more information at