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Oct 5, 2015

Trevor Price

Over the course of a 20-year career, Trevor has started, built, shut down, funded, bought and sold technology and service companies, largely in the healthcare industry as an entrepreneur, investor and executive search consultant.

In this current chapter of his entrepreneurial/A.D.D.-fueled professional career, Trevor serves as the Chairman of Oxeon Holdings, a healthcare growth services firm that connects our healthcare company partners with the fundamental drivers of business growth: great people, transformational business development partnerships, strategic investments, next generation business ideas and other growth-related services.

On a day-to-day basis, Trevor leads Oxeon Partners, an Invested Executive Search firm that finds the right leaders to drive growth for healthcare technology and service companies. The firm invests in our clients, both emotionally and financially, and aligns itself with the long-term growth and success of the companies we work with. Trevor has overseen leadership team development across the C-Suite with many of Oxeon’s clients including Evolent Health, athenahealth, The Advisory Board Company, Health Catalyst, HealthGrades, Imagine Health, Clover Health, Grand Rounds, Accolade, Pager, GoHealth, Brighton Health, Landmark Health, Avalon, Omada, Sutter Health, Intermountain and others.

Along with leading Oxeon’s invested executive search firm, Trevor also serves as the Managing General Partner of Oxeon Investments I LLC and Oxeon Investments II LLC, which provide strategic growth capital to venture-capital and private equity-backed healthcare technology and service companies.

Finally, Trevor is the Founder and on the Board of Directors and Investment Committee of Cien Ventures, a venture studio that leverages Oxeon Partners’ network of relationships to conceive and start healthcare technology and service companies.

Trevor currently sits on the Board of Directors of CureSearch for Pediatric Cancer, Friends of Hudson River Park Trust, Patient Steward, Dossier Health and also serves on Advisory Boards for numerous other companies. Prior to starting Oxeon Partners, Trevor’s career was wide-ranging – see above re: entrepreneurial/A.D.D. – as a co-founder of a number of start-up technology and service companies where he served as a CEO, Managing Partner, President & COO, as well as, VP of Marketing, Strategy, Sales and/or Business Development. His companies have been funded by leading VC firms including Softbank, General Atlantic, Draper Fisher, BEV Capital and Goldman Sachs, and have been acquired by Continuus Software (NASD: CNSW), PiperJaffrey (NYSE: PJC) and SaveTree, LLC.

Trevor is an annoyingly big fan of the Boston Red Sox and also loves fly-fishing for trout, the Black Crowes and the Rolling Stones (which he plays too frequently during his shifts as Office DJ). He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he would stand absolutely no chance of being admitted today. He is a committed soccer and little league coach, teacher of swimming, skiing, bike riding, skating, reading, drawing and all other activities pursued by his three young children Charlie, Tess and Catie. Trevor, his inordinately patient and wonderful wife Megan, their kids and two golden retrievers (Oxeon employees 5 & 6) live in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

00:00 Trevor explains what Oxeon Holdings, and his role at the company.
00:30 How Oxeon Holdings assists healthcare companies during their company growth.
1:50 The various aspects of Oxeon Holdings work and services that it provides for its clients.
03:00 Oxeon Holdings mission is to make people healthier.
4:30 The difference between a successful healthcare player and a failure is the team in place.
09:30 Why healthcare is not an enticing industry to entrepreneurs seeking their fortunes.
10:00 “Healthcare is not a get-rich-quick industry; that’s not what healthcare is about.”
10:40 How government reform and other systemic changes within the healthcare industry is pushing outside investors to invest in health companies and startups.
14:00 Why many hospital systems are still driven by the pay-for-service model, and thus motivated mainly from a financial standpoint, not one that may serve patients best.
17:30 How busy Oxeon Holdings is, and why.
21:00 Oxeon Investments, and how Oxeon Holdings invests and handles their money.
22:10 Oxeon Holding’s criteria behind making an investment.
23:45 Why start-ups are, and should, be asking for more than just money from their investors.
28:00 “We wake up everyday wanting to be the best Executive Search in Healthcare. Not the biggest, the best.”
29:00 Trevor explains Oxeon Holdings’ Venture Studios initiative.
36:30 Trevor talks unicorns.