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Nov 10, 2016


Paul Rosen, MD, MPH, MMM, was named ‘One of the First 100 Innovators’ by the U.S Federal Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for his work on patient-physician communication.  He blogs for NEJM Catalyst,

Healthcare Success, the Healthcare Guys and Health Tap.  He co-hosts Pediatric Chat,, a podcast that offers pediatric information to families across the globe.  He is a TEDx speaker, and has appeared on Sirius XM on the Business of Healthcare show to discuss the patient experience movement. Dr. Rosen is a pediatric rheumatologist.  He serves as the Clinical Director of Service and Operational Excellence for Nemours Children’s Health System.  Dr. Rosen was named the head of the Philadelphia/Delaware chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs  (SoPE).   He mentors medical students in innovation, leadership, and quality improvement. He serves as a mentor for the entrepreneur program at Wharton Business School.  Dr. Rosen also serves as a mentor in the Health for America fellows program. He is interested in using health delivery science to deliver value and achieve the quadruple aim.

00:00 Paul’s take on Patient Engagement.
01:00 Partnering with Patients, Controlling their pain.
02:45 Why Patient Engagement is controversial.
03:45 How do patients judge quality?
04:30 “Who is judging quality better than patients?”
05:00 Quality or Service - why patients expect both.
06:15 Do online public review tools actually affect clinical business?
07:00 What good looks like for a Health System in Paul’s eyes.
09:20 Helping people make the right decisions and building trust.
12:20 Things that get overlooked in the patient experience.
13:45 “Swarming,” what this is, and what it takes to make it work systemically.
15:15 The process of “Continuous Improvement” and what this looks like in action.
17:10 Learning what to focus on, and what to disregard with patient reviews.
23:00 Healthcare Professional Burnout.
25:15 What Paul sees as the major causes of Healthcare Professional Burnout.
25:45 What Paul is doing to fight burnout.
29:00 Designing tools to fit into physician workflow.
30:00 Learning to understand how ED doctors think.
32:00 You can learn more at or by visiting