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Nov 16, 2017

Gidi Stein, MD, PhD. 

A practicing physician, researcher and serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of MedAware, dedicated to eliminate prescription errors and promote patient safety, using big-data analytics and machine-learning algorithms. Gidi also teaches medicine in Tel Aviv Medical School and treats complex patients in Rabin Medical Center, Israel.

00:00 Gidi discusses the danger of prescription errors.
02:30 Prescription Error vs. other life-threatening tragedies in the healthcare industry.
03:15 What makes up Prescription Error at the diagnosis, prescription, and pharmacy stage.
05:20 New types of errors in the digital age of prescribing.
09:00 The visibility of the prescription error problem.
10:15 The three issues creating prescription error and preventing better visibility and solutions.
12:00 Taking responsibility.
13:45 Controlling I.T.
14:00 Making patient care a priority.
14:30 The problem that MedAware solves.
17:00 The steps to preventing Prescription Error.
17:20 Continued prescription monitoring.
22:30 The lack of a “feedback loop” for physicians within the prescribing process.
24:20 “Nobody wants to make a mistake, especially a Physician.”
25:00 The MedAware notification system that makes it 80% effective.
27:40 Trying to understand the clinical scenario.
30:40 The steps MedAware is taking to get organizations to prioritize fixing Prescription Error.
33:30 You can learn more by visiting