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Aug 31, 2017

Stacey is co-president of Aventria Health Group, specializing in helping employer, pharmaceutical, device and pharmacy clients by creating partnerships with other health care organizations. For twenty years, Stacey has innovated better-coordinated health solutions benefiting all stakeholders, and most of all, the patient.

00:00 Incrementalism - Worth it?
01:51 “The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World-Class Healthcare to Your Employees at Half the Cost,” by Dave Chase.
02:25 What would Amazon do differently by building a System of Care?
03:15 Does our conviction about the current Healthcare System stop us from creating something better?
04:15 Divestiture Aversion - Why a Healthcare reboot isn’t such a bad idea.
11:00 “What are the ramifications if Amazon enters more deeply into that hybrid online-inperson space?”
12:45 How did we get where we are now? - Check out INBW13, INBW12, INBW10.
13:00 Only three stakeholders that have an invested interest in keeping Healthcare Value high: Employers, Taxpayers, and Consumers.
13:20 Large Employers as the only stakeholder with the power to make change in Healthcare.
16:50 Who is going to be behind such a reboot?
19:00 How onsite clinics might be the future and greatly benefit reducing healthcare costs.
20:00 The divorce of patient care and industry needs.
21:50 “Employers don’t just have skin in the game, they have entire bodyparts.”
22:50 “Employers have a larger call; healthcare is a means to an end for them.”