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Nov 17, 2015

Stacey Richter

Stacey Richter is not only the host of this podcast, but also the founder and strategic force behind Franklyn Healthcom, a pharmaceutical marketing and design agency that develops brand and managed market strategies along with digital and print collateral. Stacey began the business in 1993 with one simple idea: bridge the gap between current pharmaceutical agency practices and strategic business process. Her role on teams is often to transform customer insights and market research into cutting-edge strategies designed to drive access and provider uptake.

As a successful marketer with a degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated magna cum laude, Stacey is uniquely positioned to convert managed markets theory into reality. Under her leadership, Franklyn Healthcom has developed an enduring reputation for needle-sharp innovations and original ideas that challenge the status quo.

00:00 Six things Stacey has learned in 22 years of business.
02:00 The First thing: Your team is really all you have.
05:30 Lesson two: You’re not anybody’s colleague.
07:00 Number three: Be comfortable making decisions without enough information.
09:30 “No decision, or one made too late, is still a decision.”
09:50 “An early decision made without as much consideration is always a better decision than the one made with enough consideration three days too late.”
11:15 Number Four: Nobody is going to compliment you, or validate your work.
13:15 Number Five: Being a woman entrepreneur is harder.
17:00 The immediate first reaction meeting people as a woman entrepreneur.
20:00 Number Six: You’re always responsible for the bottom line; people are not always going to like you.
24:40 “Creativity and vision is necessarily disruptive.”
26:00 Stacey sums it all up.