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Mar 28, 2016

Andrey OstrovskyDr. Ostrovsky is a practicing physician and social entrepreneur who leads Care at Hand's executive management and strategic vision. He has led teams at the World Health Organization, United States Senate, and San Francisco Health Department toward health system strengthening through technology. Andrey has contributed to legislation at the city and national level to advance care delivery for vulnerable populations. And he serves on several boards and committees dedicated to interoperability standards, quality improvement, and innovation including the National Quality Forum, a Federal Advisory Committee on Interoperability Standards, the eLTSS workgroup within ONC, and the Commonwealth Fund's Advisory Board for the Breakthrough Opportunities Program, among others. He is a published researcher in public health informatics, quality improvement, healthcare innovation, social entrepreneurship, and care coordination.

00:00 Andre explains the basic idea behind Care At Hand.
02:00 “Community health workers are not as ubiquitously used as they could be in the United States.”
02:30 What a Community Health Worker is.
03:20 The difference between a Home Care Worker and a Community Health Worker.
04:30 “I think the real barrier comes down to where healthcare financing is.”
06:25 The Affordable Care Act, CMI, and Macra.
09:30 “We don’t have to convince hospitals that they have a problem anymore.”
10:00 “I think we’ve entered a new space of entrepreneurship and digital health.”
11:50 “Not every technology is going to solve every problem.”
13:20 “We always have to have the patient or consumer in mind as if they’re a loved one.”
16:00 How EHR leverage is disappearing.
22:00 Incentivizing telehealth.
24:00 Care At Hand and what the company is doing.
24:20 “Technology is not the solution.”
29:30 Health indexes, and the balance of categories.
33:00 You can find out more at