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Feb 16, 2016

Manik Bhat

Manik Bhat is the CEO and cofounder of Healthify. After spending time connecting patients to social services in the Baltimore community and dealing with the poor state of affairs in managing a patient's social needs, he decided to start Healthify to improve the status quo. Manik hopes to change the way we coordinate around an individual's social needs and prove that addressing social determinants is not only the morally just thing to do but is also the fiscally responsible thing to do in the era of value. His work has been featured at TEDMED, the Center for Healthcare Strategies, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and in Forbes.  Healthify is currently active in over 24 states and growing.

Twitter: @HealthifyUS

00:00 What Social Determinants are.
03:15 A percentage breakdown of what causes/affects outcomes.
03:45 “The reality is that anywhere from 35-60% of our health outcomes are determined by Social Determinants.”
05:00 “80% of money is spent on medical services when only 20% of these services determine health outcomes.”
05:10 Long-term thinking vs. Short-term thinking in the healthcare industry.
07:40 Addressing Social Determinants in a value-based environment vs. a fee-for-service environment.
10:00 How Healthify got its start.
17:00 Healthcare and social programs in place to combat Social Determinants.
19:30 Making Social Determinants evidence-based.
20:30 What using Healthify looks like.
21:30 The patient-facing and staff-facing ends of Healthify.
24:15 How Healthify can facilitate between the patient, community-based organizations, and medical providers.
27:15 How Healthify qualifies services and providers.
29:00 How Healthify has evolved.
32:15 The importance of constant training for community health workers.
33:50 Three lessons: benefit-driven messaging to the patient, rigourous training to the staff, and social service engagement.
34:30 You can find out more at or