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Jan 24, 2016

Bob JanacekBob has over 20 years of security and software design experience, and is the architect, designer and original developer of DataMotion's managed information delivery platform. In his role as CTO at DataMotion he is responsible for keeping DataMotion technology on the cutting edge, while his ongoing communications with customers ensure that the products are easy to use and manage. In 1999 he co-founded DataMotion, and in 2004 he received a fundamental patent for ‘dynamic creation of recipient accounts upon receiving a message.’ Previously, Bob was co-founder of Safetynet, and served as architect and developer of their award-winning suite of data security products. He has worked closely evolving security standards including the NSA Rainbow Series, FIPS and Common Criteria. Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University.


00:00 Health IT in current Healthcare.
02:00 Patient access and security breaches.
03:40 What makes a patient’s medical record valuable to a hacker.
05:00 HIT’s flawed view of “patients”.
08:50 How DataMotion gets patient records and information into the hands of patients.
11:30 One of the foundational pillars of DataMotion is security.
12:30 The trust community of HISPs that keep patient data secure.
15:30 “Every technology has its place.”
17:00 Consumer-facing apps that are getting into mobile health and don’t understand securing patient data.
18:45 What Nate is.
20:00 Bob’s advice for mobile app developers wanting to make their data more secure and HIPAA compliant.
24:15 DataMotion’s work with Stella.
26:00 How quality scores are reducing interoperability issues.
32:45 You can find out more at