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Jul 20, 2015

Toby HerveyToby Hervey is part of the founding team of Pager, a mobile app and service providing high-quality healthcare on demand through doctor house calls, where he oversees operations, partnerships and marketing strategy. Previously, Toby directed strategy and business development for several early-stage, high-growth companies: Waywire, a video-based social network founded by Senator Cory Booker (then Mayor of Newark) which sold to in 2013; Timehop, a digital time capsule mobile app that recently raised a $10mm Series B round; and at the Gilt Groupe, as a founding team member of local services arm Gilt City and menswear vertical Gilt MAN. He received his B.S. in International Politics at Georgetown University.

00:00 Toby discusses being the General Manager of Pager, and what Pager is.
01:00 How Pager works as an Urgent Care Service that operates remotely.
01:45 How the company came up with the name ‘Pager’.
03:35 The “why” behind creating Pager and making Urgent Care available to patients within their homes.
05:15 Pager’s start with a consumer-focused aspect, and its expansion into the provider space.
07:00 What using the Pager app looks like.
08:50 Pager’s prices for users, what that price includes, and Pager’s reimbursement plan.
12:50 Pager’s vision for improving the current healthcare industry and bringing better care to patients.
14:00 How Pager works with providers to build mutual expectations about the service that Pager delivers.
17:00 “All the patient care and none of the bureaucracy.”
17:45 The advantages from a business perspective for a health system using Pager.
23:30 How giving providers more time with patients and proactively screening for causes of future big expenses for health systems is allowing Pager to become a cost-effective solution.
24:15 The types of organizations interested in what Pager is doing.
25:50 The organizations that Pager sees the most hesitation from.
28:30 The rise in businesses like telemedicine to fill the needs and wants of this generation of healthcare seekers.
29:20 What Toby means when he discusses “Transactional Medicine”.
34:30 “What we’re building here is telemedicine with the option of in person care for the patient.”
35:00 “Telemedicine is most powerful as triage.”
39:00 You can learn more about Pager at, or by emailing Toby at