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Jun 16, 2015

Jeff Peres EverseatJeff brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience to his role as CEO at Everseat. He oversees strategic partnerships, product design, sales, marketing and recruiting. He is also significantly involved in fundraising and investor relations. Frustrated by the inefficient, labor-intensive process of calling to book appointments, Jeff co-founded Everseat in October, 2013 as a way to solve the scheduling problems faced by service providers today.

Prior to launching Everseat, Jeff spent nine years as President and CEO of Eyemaginations, a software company focused on delivering healthcare information to patients through a cloud-based platform. Jeff was responsible for setting the strategic vision and growing the company from a small start up to a leader in the patient education field with clients in all 50 states and 75 countries. Jeff led the initiative to expand the education platform into other medical verticals and oversaw the launch of its first cloud-based software platform. Earlier in his career, Jeff was an investment banker at UBS, Credit Suisse and Signal Hill.

Jeff holds an MBA from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Cornell University. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two young sons.

00:00 Jeff discusses being co-founder and CEO of Everseat.
01:40 Jeff explains Everseat and its job as an efficient supply and demand ‘optimizer’.
05:00 Allowing patients control over when and who the receive notifications from.
11:45 “The practice of overbooking has a place.”
14:00 The trouble with chronic lateness, and the bad habit that practices tend to unavoidably fall into.
16:00 How the Affordable Care Act affects wait time, and how hospitals are affected the most.
18:10 How transitioning to online services, planning, and booking is now affecting the way healthcare providers and patients interact.
20:15 All of Everseat’s communications are HIPAA compliant, and their data is of the highest encryption.
21:10 The questions that Everseat asks in order to give providers the best amount of information for appointments, and help patients prepare the best way possible.
22:50 How Everseat let’s the patients of practices that use its services know that Everseat is available for that practice.
27:15 How Jeff shows the value of utilizing Everseat when working towards expanding Everseat to more practices around the country.
29:30 You can learn more at Everseat on the website: