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May 22, 2015

Shub DebguptaShub is the founder and CEO of WiserTogether, Inc. — the treatment transparency company offering a personalized health care treatment decision support solution that helps consumers achieve better health outcomes and payers to save money. He founded WiserTogether based on a personal health experience that he and his wife faced during his wife's first pregnancy. He has since grown WiserTogether into the industry leader in personalized treatment decision support serving millions of consumers and more than 250 employers and health plans. Previously, Shub led the Benefits Roundtable (CEB), providing strategic guidance to a network of benefits leaders at F500 companies. Under his leadership, the Benefits Roundtable grew from launch to 400+ member organizations serving over 10 million consumers.

An economist by training, Shub has worked at PwC, Credit Suisse and the Asian Development Bank. He is a published author and his work has been covered by the WSJ, Economist, and Washington Post among others.  He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Cornell University.

Contact Info:
Shub Debgupta
CEO, WiserTogether
Cell: 202.674.6870
Skype: shubdebgupta

00:00 Shub discusses WiserTogether, of which he is founder and CEO, and how the treatment transparency and decision support company came about through a personal health experience.
02:50 What Shared Decision-Making is, and why it is so important in the healthcare world.
04:30 Is patient adherence higher when the patient feels that they are an active participant in the decision process?
07:00 How shared decision-making creates personalized health plans that can specifically address individual patient concerns.
08:20 What WiserTogether is more specifically, and how it operates as a decision support tool.
09:20 How WiserTogether looks from a patient POV of usage.
11:34 The gap in the Care Continuum.
13:00 How WiserTogether bridges this gap to help patients understand their care options and choose the treatment that is best for them.
16:30 How a patient may gain access to WiserTogether and choose to use it, since WiserTogether is not a consumer-facing application.
19:10 The parties that WiserTogether works with to create multiple entry points for patients and users within healthcare.
23:45 The need for more data on the personal impact of a treatment, and the other 21 factors that drive a patient’s decision when choosing a treatment option.
26:00 How WiserTogether is helping patients better understand how to navigate the healthcare world.
28:30 The scope of patients that WiserTogether reaches is about 5 million.
28:45 WiserTogether covers “Preference-Sensitive Health Conditions”.
30:00 The possible correlation between Preference-Sensitive Health Conditions and Cost-Driving Conditions.
33:20 Shub gives advice on a Shared-Decision app from a Healthcare tech POV.