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May 18, 2015

Brian Yarnell

Brian Yarnell, President of Bluestream Health, is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience creating and commercializing enterprise software platforms across multiple verticals. Prior to launching Bluestream Health in early 2015, Brian founded, managed and sold StarlingHealth, a startup that replaced nurse call systems with multilingual touchscreen interfaces and a clinical workflow platform.

Brian has also brought industry-leading technology platforms to market in advertising technology, marketing automation, consumer insights, business intelligence and data analytics. He is passionate about applying this experience to transform healthcare delivery and is active as a mentor to several healthcare and biotech startups. Brian earned a BS in Marketing and International Business from The Pennsylvania State University.

00:00 Brian discusses his recent business dealings with his previous company, StarlingHealth.
02:00 The challenge of building a start-up.
03:45 Brian discusses his current business venture, Bluestream Health.
05:40 The timeliness of “state of the art” and “old school” in terms of technology within business platforms.
08:15 How customers play into the success of a business.
10:20 The ways in which a healthcare business needs to focus on growth in order to see success in the current changing industry.
11:15 Brian gives an example of how Bluestream Health assists its customers using technology.
14:10 Brian explains what exactly the product is that Bluestream Health provides.
18:00 The sophistication of Bluestream Health’s interfaces to streamline its care options.
19:20 Bluestream Health’s ability to host multiple call centers.
21:30 Bluestream Health is creating a “Democratized Marketplace.”
24:30 How Bluestream can provide multiple service options to optimize the timeliness of care for patients and customers.
26:20 Brian explains “extensible” and how Bluestream Health achieves extensibility.
28:22 Brian looks to how care is going to transition out of hospitals in the future.
29:50 If you’d like to learn more about Bluestream Health, you can reach out to Brian directly at