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Feb 24, 2015

josh_fieldmanJosh Fieldman is the VP of Sales for RubiconMD, a New York based Health IT company that connects primary care physicians with top specialists allowing them to receive remote opinions. RubiconMD is empowering primary care physicians and allowing them to provide more care in the primary care setting. RubiconMD was founded in 2013 by two Harvard MBAs and a physician on faculty at Harvard Medical School with a mission to democratize medical expertise, bringing top medical expertise to the community level. The company, which graduated from the prestigious Blueprint Health accelerator in NYC, has raised $1.3M to-date, including an investment from EHR giant AthenaHealth.

With over 15 years of sales and management experience in health tech, Josh is responsible for driving RubiconMD’s growth. Prior to joining RubiconMD, Josh served as the VP of Sales for ABILITY Network where he oversaw the direct sales team prior to the company’s sale to Summit Partners. Josh received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Minnesota and an MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas. You can reach Josh at or learn more about RubiconMD at

 00:00 Josh tells his story before Rubicon.

01:05 What RubiconMD is and does.
01:20 “We’re democratizing medical expertise.”
01:45 The patient experience that RubiconMD looks to upgrade.
04:30 How Rubicon changes the way Primary Care Physicians treat patients.
07:20 Who’s hiring RubiconMD.
08:00 “The more care that can be given in the primary care setting, the better it is in terms of outcomes, experience, and cost-containment.”
09:30 How RubiconMD is “Improving Specialist Utilization.”
11:00 How RubiconMD works with EHRs, PCPs, and Specialists.
13:00 Rubicon’s ability to assist Physicians in recommending specialists that will best fit the needs of the patient.
14:30 How Rubicon is cost-effective for both patients and providers.
16:50 RubiconMD also works with direct-subscription businesses.
19:00 The anonymity of Rubicon in order to protect patient privacy and offer the best health options possible.
21:00 The Rubicon platform allows for discourse between physicians and specialists.
24:30 Rubicon’s goal to improve specialist usage.
25:45 Rubicon’s desire to improve patient outcome and improve workflow.
26:40 Josh’s primary advice to health organizations.
28:30 You can learn more at, or email Josh directly at