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Dec 2, 2014

josh_steinJosh Stein is the CEO and Cofounder of AdhereTech, a company that makes patented smart pill bottles that track and improve medication adherence. Last month, Josh gave a TED talk at the TEDMED conference about the best ways to design smart medical devices. He has an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Washington University in St. Louis.

AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles are currently being used by patients in engagements with top pharma companies. These bottles wirelessly send all data in real-time, and if doses are missed, patients receive customizable interventions, using: on-bottle lights and chimes, automated phone calls, text messages, patient feedback and more.

00:00 Who is Josh Stein, and what is it that he does?
1:00 Josh’s inspiration for AdhereTech.
2:00 The spark for the Smart Pill Bottle, and Josh’s steps towards building his own healthcare business.
3:45 “One of the best things about creating an adherence company is that, literally everyone in healthcare benefits from it.”
5:30 How Josh keeps this service free for patients, while still keeping a positive outcome for the rest of the healthcare and pharma communities.
8:00 Josh explains how the Smart Pill Bottle works.
9:50 The main three sites that the Smart Pill Bottle is distributed through.
11:00 The way in which the Smart Pill Bottle notifies, reminds, and surveys patients who use the bottle.
16:30 How the Smart Pill Bottle is designed so that it doesn’t have to be plugged in.
20:30 “We really see ourselves as a hardware-enabled, software and data company.”
25:40 “For the biggest problem in healthcare, our insights are pretty bad.”
28:03 “Is the drug really to blame, if the patient isn’t taking it? Is the patient to blame if the drug is giving them serious side effects?”
28:50 Josh’s advice for improving patient adherence.
30:20 Next on the agenda for AdhereTech.
31:15 The improvements on the “Gen2” Smart Pill Bottle.
33:35 Josh loves to hear from anyone interested in adherence. You can reach out to him at the company website,, where you can find contact information for Josh and the AdhereTech team.