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Mar 23, 2017

Troy Trygstad, PharmD, MBA, PhD

Troy Trygstad is a community pharmacist, a health economist, and a pharmacy visionary who continues to encourage pharmacy industry leaders into new and innovative ways of thinking.

Troy is the Executive Director of CPESN USA, a clinically integrated network of community-based pharmacy networks that endeavors to improve the quality and effectiveness of enhanced services provided by participating pharmacies and align them with the workflows and payment reform incentives of physicians, their support staff and other healthcare providers.

He also serves as the Vice President of Pharmacy Provider Partnerships for Community Care of North Carolina, an organization providing wrap-around population health management supports for nearly 2,000 primary care practices.

Troy possesses over fifteen years of experience with multi-disciplinary care teams and intervention development under alternative payment and support models. He is the Project Director for a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Award that tests new models of payment and pharmacy connectivity to primary care providers and the medical neighborhood that includes over 250 pharmacies in North Carolina.

Troy proudly practices in a community pharmacy setting on nights and weekends and serves as a board member for the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacy Times.

00:00 Check out Episode 84 to hear Troy discuss Stagnant Pharmacy Business Models.
02:30 Troy explains the Pharmacy Home CMIS System.
03:00 Getting different types of systems to interact with each other.
03:30 “The trick is not to tell the world, ‘Hey, you need to adopt our standard.’”
04:15 The breakdown of types of patient interactions and blending models that accommodate these various interactions.
06:20 The newly emerged business need to acquire and share Patient Data.
09:15 “Don’t tell me what you know, tell me what I need to know.”
11:00 A typical example of what a Common Care Plan looks like.
15:45 “All we’re doing at the end of the day is bringing Community Pharmacy into the rest of the system.”
18:15 Troy talks Blockchain.
21:00 How Providers feel about Pharmacists advancing Care Plans.
24:45 Where changing the relationship between Pharmacists and Providers becomes Best Practice.
27:15 “How I can help you versus How I can compete with you, that is the difference.”
29:45 “If you’re taking a journey with a patient, it really is about relationships.”
30:00 The most critical aspect of this model.
32:00 You can find out more information at