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Nov 17, 2016


Lonnie Hirsch enjoys a reputation as one of the premier marketing consultants and strategists for helping healthcare provider organizations, including medical practices and hospitals across the U.S. and in other countries achieve profitable growth.

Over a career spanning 30 years, Lonnie has worked with literally thousands of medical practices as well as hospitals, health systems, medical device companies, medical software companies and other health businesses.

In 2006, Lonnie co-founded a full-service healthcare marketing agency serving clients across the country after a distinguished career as President of another healthcare marketing company. He is now Founder and CEO of Hirsch Healthcare Consulting.

Lonnie Hirsch has spoken at hundreds of healthcare conferences and has authored numerous articles in healthcare business publications. He has also interviewed many distinguished thought leaders in the field of medicine.

00:00 Why Providers need to market themselves.
02:45 Specialty growth and marketing.
04:30 Discovering what Services to Market as a Provider.
06:00 The formula for identifying how to Market your Service.
07:20 3D Mammography.
08:00 Advocate Healthcare’s 3D Mammography campaign as an example of great Marketing.
09:00 Urgent Care as the biggest entry point for acquiring Patients.
11:00 A Patient’s Access to Care as driving ‘Front Door Marketing.’
11:30 Convenience and Out-of-Pocket Cost as an appealing messages to Patients.
14:30 The Copays vs. Deductibles.
16:15 The importance of Price in Marketing.
17:25 How Marketing changes according to how Price falls in Healthcare.
19:26 Episode 114 Patient Experience vs. Patient Choice.
20:50 “How does Patient Experience allow us to have a better Online Reputation?”
23:00 Simplifying the process to curate Positive Comments.
23:40 Gaining referrals from local physicians.
25:00 Personal Contact as the most effective way to gain customers and boost referrals.
26:30 “There’s a big difference between being perceived as a solicitor and a useful service or tool.”
27:00 You can find out more information at