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Nov 3, 2016


Jan Oldenburg, FHIMSS, is passionate about using digital tools to build a healthcare system where patients and caregivers participate as partners. She currently advises and mentors startups and consults with organizations who want to understand the evolving digital health landscape as the Principal in Participatory Health Consulting.

Ms. Oldenburg has broad experience within all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, including payers, providers, and integrated delivery systems. Most recently she was a Senior Manager in EY’s Health Advisory Practice. Prior to joining EY, Ms. Oldenburg was the Vice President of Patient and Physician Engagement in Aetna’s Accountable Care Solutions organization, where she worked with provider organizations to build collaborative ACO solutions. She also spent seven years as a manager and senior manager in Kaiser Permanente’s Digital Services Group, directing strategy and implementation for web and mobile products including clinical, payment, and administrative capabilities. Ms. Oldenburg has been a principal in several consulting companies focused on using the digital capabilities effectively in healthcare to engage consumers.

She is the primary editor of Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement, published by HIMSS press and winner of “Best Book of 2013” honors at HIMSS 2014, as well as the principal Editor of Participatory Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach to Transforming Healthcare to be published by CRC Press in June, 2016. She also is the author of the “Personal Health Engagement” chapter in the Third Edition of Medical Informatics, published in March, 2015 and the “Participatory Medicine” chapter of The Journey Never Ends, published in March, 2016, as well as a number of articles and blog posts. Ms. Oldenburg is the co-chair of the HIMSS Connected Health Committee and a frequent speaker and commentator on patient and physician engagement issues; she tweets @janoldenburg.

00:00 Jan talks about ‘Patient Engagement,’ and why she’s not a fan of the term.
03:00 Looking at an individual outside of the context of being a patient.
04:15 Shifting the healthcare mindset.
05:20 Shifting away from the hierarchies in medicine.
06:30 Looking at attitudes and values that organizations hold.
07:40 Education, Active Patients, Market Forces, Leadership, Rewards & Values, Digital Tools.
08:25 The three characteristics Digital Tools need: Connection, Convenience, Life Value.
10:45 Changing the attitudes about patients interacting with internet resources.
11:45 “Part of the role of being a Doctor is Coach.”
12:45 Participatory Healthcare, Jan’s second book.
14:20 How to use Digital Tools to assist Physicians.
15:00 The importance at examining how we design tools.
17:15 “Have we really looked as carefully as we need to?”
20:00 “There’s huge promise in the capabilities of technology and we’re not using them to their full extent.”
25:50 “How can we design Clinics and Health Systems so it’s about the convenience of patients.”
29:00 You can learn more at or on Twitter: @janoldenburg, and the Society for Participatory Medicine at