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Aug 22, 2016

Jerry FahrniDr. Fahrni has been a licensed pharmacist in California since obtaining his Pharm.D. degree from the University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy in 1997. Jerry has a diverse background and has served in a variety of pharmacy roles during that time, including more than a decade of experience as a clinical pharmacist in various acute care settings, as well as spending time as a pharmacy technology industry insider. He currently works as an independent pharmacist consultant where he has a passion for helping pharmacies improve operational efficiency, increase patient safety, and drive cost-effective medication use through the use of automation, technology, and informatics. Jerry’s goal is to finds ways to improve pharmacy and create a more patient-centric practice model.

00:00 Pharmacy Informatics Consulting.

00:45 Expanding pharmacy practices with Medication Therapy Management.
01:20 Driving down Readmission Rates.
01:30 ACA helping drive the process and helping pharmacists understand where they are in their practices.
02:00 Pharmacists moving more towards the Provider side model.
02:30 Pharmacy model as reactive, not proactive.
03:00 Historically tied to medications, and how this affects the way pharmacists interact with patients.
03:45 Improving Operational Efficiency.
04:30 What a Practice Model is.
05:00 Retail Services model vs. Inpatient model.
07:00 The communication gap between Pharmacists and Providers, Nurses.
08:20 Finding ways to integrate Pharmacists into the Healthcare decision-making processes.
09:30 Reducing Readmissions.
14:00 Where is the compensation coming from?
15:30 Why Employers will want to get in on the transitioning Pharmacy model.
16:00 Defining ‘Meds to Beds.’
21:20 How Pharmacists can help after Patient Discharge.
22:50 Telepharmacy and Telehealth.
28:45 Advice for Pharmacists wanting to integrate more into Patient Clinical Care.
30:30 “Right now, Pharmacists are stuck.”
31:45 What a Pharmacy Informatics Consultant does.
33:00 You can find out more at, on Twitter @JFahrni, on LinkedIn, or by calling Jerry at 559-838-6014.