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Aug 25, 2014

00:00 Matt and his position at Hello Health.  Has been with the company for 3 ½ years, started in the Physician Services Department, just recently took over partnerships and channel marketing.

1:00 Matt’s early career that lead up to Hello Health. He is an engineer by trade, but was inspired by his father to enter into the world of healthcare.

3:00 Matt talks early EHR installation in a medical practice.

6:00 The Hello Health aspects that put it above other EHRs in Matt’s eyes.

7:30 “Structured Data”

8:30 Preventive tools: searchable database and secure emails

9:00 Proactive or reactive? Mainly preventive tools are reactive.

11:00 Patient portal advantages.

11:50 “Information is Power”

12:20 Patient care via email: No matter what, patients will call in to the clinic with small questions, so having email as an option does not increase the chances of doctoring by email. Clinics now store credit card information as well, so if a patient really does not want to come in, they can still be charged for a virtual visit.

13:15 Charging for CPTs is not yet reimbursable through insurance, but doctors usually do not charge more than a copay to begin with.

14:15 Hello Health is one of the few EHRs that is free.

15:00 The Hello Health options that allow the company to stay in business (aka make money).

15:50 These options in more detail: The free option, the patient-funded option, and the full billing cycle option.

20:00 On the patient portal, patients can access their patient plan. What this entails.

21:45 Matt argues that all EHR systems are still in their infancy.

22:35 The information that EHRs are collecting, in relation to patient demographics.

23:50 The benefits of the EHR system though Clinical Decision support.

24:45 Required data for these systems include pharmacy notes from

25:30 Matt’s advice for those thinking about leaving a large company for a small, start-up company.

29:00 Hello Health’s growing partnerships and what Matt is up to himself.