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Dec 13, 2018

Eric Weaver, DHA, MHA, is nationally recognized for his work in primary care transformation and value-based care. As a corporate vice president for Innovista Health Solutions, he oversees enterprise strategy and technology adoption for a fast-growing population health management services organization. Dr. Weaver has been recognized for his contribution to the health care industry by receiving the ACHE Robert S. Hudgens Award for Young Healthcare Executive of the Year and the Modern Healthcare “Up & Comers” Award in 2016. Prior to joining the Innovista leadership team in 2015, he was the president and CEO of Austin, Texas–based Integrated ACO—one of the more successful physician-led accountable care organizations in the country.

01:41 Why investors are or are not leaving hospitals.
02:51 Why Eric believes the times are changing.
02:58 How hospitals are going to have to rethink their business model.
03:42 “Consolidating definitely creates leverage.”—Stacey
04:16 Physician-led ACOs vs hospital-led ACOs, and which are performing better.
05:34 How physician-led ACOs actually have an advantage.
06:33 Physicians playing a large role in the transition to value-based care.
07:23 Will physician-led ACOs come out on top?
09:38 Bundled payments for specialists?
10:05 The new wave of delivering care.
11:44 “Ultimately, what you want to march towards ... is having delegated capabilities.”
13:37 Getting all three: high quality, lower costs, and better patient experiences.
15:10 “You’re gonna have to take risks with this.”
19:31 Creating enablement across the risk continuum.
19:54 Incremental things you can do to be more patient-centered.
20:38 The need to pick a partner in this new transition.
21:59 Understanding how key physician partnership is.
23:16 Supporting the average doctor.
23:45 “We have to know that they can overcome the barriers.”
24:37 “Take the steps to start doing something.”
24:54 Creating disruptive innovations toward patient-centered care.
27:09 Deconstructing the model of the "team."