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Dec 6, 2018


A.G. is a partner at Optum Ventures. She was most recently the co-founder and chief product officer at Humedica, one of the earliest big-data analytics companies in health care. Following its acquisition by Optum, she became chief product officer at Optum Analytics. She began her career as an attorney, founding a non-profit aimed at helping homeless youth at high-risk for HIV infection. A.G. expanded her mission by obtaining a degree in public health from Harvard. She is a mission-driven leader focused on transforming the health care system into a health system.

01:36 Discussing innovation centers and the expectation behind them.
03:27 “The problem of health care is very broad and very deep.”
03:53 Optum Ventures as a strategic venture firm.
04:54 The opportunities that entrepreneurs have to “plug in."
06:42 The engagement infrastructure of getting patients to the right place at the right time.
08:27 “At the end of the day, patients drive the ... system.”
10:47 Patients moving en masse.
11:21 Getting patients to make different, better choices than they are today, and understanding their movements through the system.
13:57 Why telehealth hasn’t survived.
15:23 “It’s exactly the wrong way to start the conversation.”
15:39 Going to where the patients are.
17:33 “We just assume patients can’t make [decisions] in health care.”
21:22 “It is incumbent on us to ... prove [employer-based health care’s] fundamental value.”
23:58 Where health care is going.
26:01 “All of the broken stuff in health care ultimately derives from asymmetry.”