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Oct 11, 2018

Clinton Phillips is the founder of Medici, a platform that allows doctors and patients to connect securely from their mobile phones. He launched the company in early 2017 with a vision to create technology that would revolutionize the way doctors provide care to their patients. As a serial-entrepreneur, Clinton previously founded 2nd.MD in response to frustrations he had experienced when seeking medical care for his daughter, Gabi, who had suffered a stroke shortly after birth. 2nd.MD has since helped thousands of people in over 45 countries gain access to high-quality second opinions with outcomes that has saved lives and lowered health care and recovery costs for patients, providers and carriers.
Before this, Clinton served as a consultant to The Vitality Group working to lower health care spending through employee education and engagement programs. He is also a certified Chiropractor and founded the successful Colorado-based Aspen Back & Body, a non-surgical rehabilitation clinic for people with back problems. Originally from South Africa, Clinton and his family now reside in Austin, Texas.

02:14 Clint explains the need for a virtual second opinion.
03:21 The need for virtual second opinions in rural environments vs. urban environments.
04:41 The number of diagnosis that are incorrect, or treatment plans that are not ideal, and how getting a second opinion can improve these stats.
06:09 The need for physicians and health care professionals to become more self-aware.
06:39 Balancing revenue with compliance and quality outcomes.
07:13 Why getting rid of misdiagnosis isn’t higher on the priority list for health systems.
08:00 Clint’s advice to help mitigate misdiagnosis.
08:20 “The expectation that every hospital can treat everything well is very flawed.”
08:30 “Specialize in what you can do well…”
09:35 “Health care these days is a team sport.” - Stacey
10:55 How this works from a cost perspective.
11:40 Fixing primary care as the only solution.
14:28 The need for the patient to fully understand their care needs.
15:30 The reality that patients face today in health care, and the responsibility that they carry.
18:28 Clint’s insight about patient education and understanding their care and communication.
19:15 The cost of managing billing, and how this differs in health care vs. other industries.
21:18 Quantifying the layer of cost and burden between doctors and their assistants.
22:24 The opportunity physicians have through Medici to solve some of these issues.
22:51 “...There is a massive shift coming in health care.”
23:12 How health care is moving more towards virtual care.
24:26 How Medici solves for the changing landscape in health care.
27:00 “When communication gets easier, a lot of these conditions just start to improve…”
28:20 You can learn more at 2nd.MD, or by reaching out to, to find out more about getting a second opinion and avoiding the expense behind misdiagnosis and misguided treatment plans.