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Sep 13, 2018

Brian is an innovator in digital life science technology, launching 15 brands across biotech, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Most recently he was the vice president of strategy at Alere, where he led efforts in point-of-care commercial implementation and business process design. In his current role, Brian leads the effort to create and launch cutting-edge VR and AR experiences in health care as well as the evolution of MediSolutions into an industry game changer.

01:39 Defining virtual reality vs augmented reality.
03:37 “...not augment your environment but escape from your environment.”
04:06 Using virtual and augmented reality in health care and clinical spaces.
04:52 Prescriptive meditation as a way to control pain management.
06:58 Do providers value patient engagement in general?
08:10 “How do I do a better job at educating my patients?”
09:20 Finding places in the doctor’s office to improve patient experience with virtual and augmented reality?
10:10 “Having patients understand, what does healthy look like to them?”
11:42 The average amount of time patients spend in a provider office vs actually with a provider.
13:10 “At the point of care there’s lots of opportunities for patients to interact with various testing devices and other things.”
13:36 “There’s a number of times where there’s dead space.”
14:02 “It’s actually a learning engagement environment.”
14:30 Directing new education through this engagement.
15:59 Better implementing behavioral science.
20:30 Driving the VR experience to achieve a specific goal.
24:20 MediSolutions' advertiser model and how that makes MediSolution’s services free to providers and patients.
28:10 MediSolutions' provider engagement solutions.
29:20 You can learn more at