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Jun 21, 2018

Sandra is the chief operating officer at SinfoníaRx. SinfoníaRx is a leading provider of MTM services. Through a comprehensive suite of innovative health care solutions, SinfoníaRx provides direct support to health plans, health systems, provider organizations, and pharmacies. SinfoníaRx’s team works directly with patients, caregivers, and providers to ensure the most effective and safest medication therapy possible.

Todd started his professional career in telecommunications and spent 8 years in the field of business development until entering the pharmacy technology sector in 2004. Todd helped to build a small software systems design company into the most recognized long-term care pharmacy management system in the pharmacy industry, SoftWriters, developers of FrameworkLTC. He then launched his own company, Pharmacy Technology Resource, which started from a small popular blog about pharmacy operators leveraging technology better to gain efficiency and maximize profitability. In 2009, Todd launched the pharmacy industry’s first podcast about the business of pharmacy dedicated to health care professionals called the "Pharmacy Podcast Show." In the fall of 2014, several pharmacists joined Todd, and the "Pharmacy Podcast Show" was transformed into the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Today the audio-blog is the US health care system’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the profession of pharmacy. After several successful years in the world of pharmacy software and health care tech consulting, Todd found a new career in the field of opioid addiction recovery in business development and strategic marketing with national leader New Season, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. He has been with New Season since June 2016.