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Jun 7, 2018

Since 2010, under Pablo's leadership, Antidote has raised $26 million in venture capital and grown to become a leading player within the digital health sector, empowering thousands of patients worldwide to discover and access potential new treatment options through clinical trials.

Pablo is a seasoned entrepreneur and manager of internet companies. He’s been building high-scale businesses in online retail, travel, mobile, media, and now health sectors since the late 1990s, including firms such as NetJuice,, Kelkoo (acquired by Yahoo!), Kayak (acquired by Priceline), and ValueClick (acquired by Conversant).

Pablo has spoken about technology, health care, and innovation at Harvard Medical School, DIA, Disruptive Innovations, Health 2.0, Digital Health Forum, and many others. He has been included in the “100 Club” by SVC2UK and the “Ones to Watch” list by The Sunday Times's Tech Track 100 and was recently named one of MM&M’s Healthcare Transformers of 2018. He’s also been featured in Wired, the Financial Times, and Forbes; on CNBC, TechCrunch, and Re/code; and more.

In addition to his focus on digital health, Pablo is also passionate about sharing the stories of patients who have benefited from clinical trials. The powerful videos featured on the Antidote home page are a testament to this.

Pablo graduated with a bachelor in business studies at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and studied biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

00:00 What the problem is with clinical trials today.
03:20 The lack of reporting failures in trials and how this creates more issues with clinical trials.
04:15 EP148 and AEE2 with Dr. Jennifer Miller, Creator of Good Pharma Scorecard.
05:30 The current state of clinical trials.
06:15 The changing state of clinical trials, for better and for worse.
07:10 Making patient participation easier and more fair.
08:00 The double-edged sword of advancements in technology and precision medicine.
08:30 “We are able to create more and more effective treatments for a smaller and smaller subset of the population.”
10:30 The participation angle of clinical trials.
11:00 “Orphan drugs.”
14:40 “It’s not an easy thing to design a trial that’s going to give conclusive results.”
17:30 Real-world evidence vs clinical trial data.
20:00 Patient interest in clinical trials.
25:00 How most patients get recruited for clinical trials.
35:00 Antidote’s business model.
41:00 “Every clinical trial is a trial of 1.”
44:00 You can sign up for the Antidote platform by going to You can also learn more by emailing