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Mar 8, 2018

Wayne Crandall is the president and CEO of NoteSwift. Crandall's career in technology spans sales, marketing, product management, strategic development, and operations. Prior to joining the NoteSwift team, Crandall was president and CEO of CYA Technologies, and then took over as president of enChoice, which specialized in ECM systems and services, when they purchased CYA.
Crandall was a co-founder, executive officer, and senior vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Nuance Communications and was responsible for growing the company to over $120M following the acquisition of Dragon and SpeechWorks. Before Nuance, he was the European managing director of Xerox Imaging Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, where he established them as the market leader in document recognition software throughout EMEA and the Pacific Rim.
Crandall’s other career successes included Kurzweil Computer Products, Philips Information Systems, NV, Lexitron (a division of Raytheon Data Systems), and Savin Business Machines. Crandall is much funnier than this executive summary. He brings humor and wisdom to the team, and the ability to find the right person for every job. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle with his family, puppies, and, of course, the occasional round of golf.

00:00 EHR and usability challenges.
02:00 Structured data entry.
04:00 Why the opportunity for documentation error is greater in current EHR systems.
06:25 How CIOs are learning that there’s a problem via physician burnout.
12:15 Medical speech recognition.
13:45 What NoteSwift does.
14:00 What Samantha does for NoteSwift.
14:45 Where physician dictation takes place.
17:00 Solving the physician data entry problem.
20:00 How Samantha offers a review process with the physician to ensure accurate data entry and coding.
23:15 What it means to be “speech agnostic.”
24:20 What Wayne has learned about using artificial intelligence and machine learning in health care.
24:50 Using technology to solve a smaller, finite problem, rather than tackling a larger issue.
25:40 How NoteSwift has helped reduce physician burnout.
26:30 How quickly Samantha can be installed.
27:00 How long Samantha has been available.
27:25 You can learn more at or send Samantha an email at