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Aug 17, 2017

Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine and President of the nonprofit, Bioethics International. She is also the Creator of the Good Pharma Scorecard, an index that ranks all new drugs and large pharmaceutical companies on their ethics and public health performance to help recognize good practices in companies, improve trustworthiness, and incentivize change where needed.  Prior to joining NYU, Dr. Miller was based at Harvard University.

Dr. Miller currently serves on NYU’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and Stem Cell Research Oversight IRB, as well as
the J&J-NYU Compassionate-Use Advisory Committee (monitor). Previously, she served on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Task Force for Pediatric Emergency Mass Critical Care, the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Advanced Disaster Life Support Education Consortium, as a consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and on the
PCORI-NIH Collaboratory.

A prolific writer, Dr. Miller has authored over 35 publications, including for Nature Medicine and Health Affairs. She was a Fox News pundit from 2009 to 2012 and remains a news commentator, frequently featured on CBS news, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Forbes, and NPR.

Dr. Miller’s current work explores the ethics and governance of new drugs that are researched, developed, marketed, priced, and made accessible to patients globally. She also specializes in the ethics of data sharing.

00:00 The growing public distrust in pharmaceutical companies.
02:30 How the Pharma industry might be driving public distrust.
03:15 Combatting the image that Pharma companies put profit before people.
04:00 Does it matter if people distrust pharma?
05:00 How to build a more trustworthy industry.
05:10 The difference between “Trust” and “Trustworthy.”
06:20 The possible connection between distrust and adherence issues.
08:00 Creating the first Ethics Chain for the Pharma industry.
08:40 The Key Ethics Concerns stakeholders have about the Pharmaceutical Industry.
09:15 The main concerns around how a Clinical Trial is designed.
10:25 The limited sample of research subjects for Clinical Trials.
11:00 Conducting a large number of Clinical Trials outside of the U.S. in emerging economies.
12:45 Concerns about Clinical Trial Transparency.
14:20 Concerns about Drug marketing.
14:35 Concerns and distrust with Drug Pricing and Accessibility.
17:50 The Triple Bottom Line.
18:10 Thinking more holistically and more long-term.
18:30 How the Good Pharma Scorecard incentivizes more sustainable and ethical performances.
20:20 Where you can find the scorecard -
24:30 EP137 - Dr. Josh Luke - Generational Behavior.
26:20 The stepwise approach to system intervention.
28:25 A way forward for the Pharma Industry, post-Shkreli.
29:50 Being committed to ethics and patient-centricity.
31:35 You can learn more at and view the Good Pharma Scorecard.