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Jul 6, 2017

Brian Yarnell is President and Founder of Bluestream Health, a New York-based healthtech startup delivering an on-demand platform for remote medical expertise. Prior to launching Bluestream Health, he founded, grew and sold StarlingHealth, a startup that replaced nurse call systems with multilingual touchscreen interfaces and a clinical workflow platform.

Brian is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience creating and commercializing enterprise software platforms across multiple verticals. He is an Advisor to ElabNYC, a member of the Connected Health Institute Advisory Board of VNA Health Group, and mentor to students at CCNY’s Zahn Innovation Center. Brian earned a BS in Marketing and International Business from The Pennsylvania State University.

00:00 Check out Brian’s other RHV interview, Episode 45.
01:45 What Brian’s been up to for the last two years.
02:15 Identifying the problem that had the right market fit.
02:50 Identifying use-cases that are actionable in a short amount of time.
04:00 Keying into a problem that people are willing to pay for.
05:00 Building a fluid exchange across all of healthcare as a best business practice.
06:00 “Everyone has an innovation system, and that innovation system is a catch-all for solutions looking for problems.”
06:30 Discovering use-cases.
07:00 “The Value you deliver equals benefits minus cost.”
07:20 “There’s a difference between willing to write a check and willing to try it out.”
08:20 “Eighty percent of customers don’t have the money or authority to pay for that service upfront.”
10:00 The reality of not-for-profit hospitals vs. for-profit providers.
11:30 Avoiding moral hazards with exchange models.
12:30 Fostering brands at the point of care.
13:00 Getting Experts on demand.
15:00 “We count on a Care Professional driving that interaction, standing next to a patient.”
16:25 “The real complexity behind the scenes is, ‘What is that resource?’.”
17:00 Lessons Brian has learned in making this happen.
26:00 Consumers want convenience.
26:30 Solving for Consumer demand for off-hours work without asking Providers to work 60 hours a week.
30:45 What Provider organizations need to be doing right now to maximize their Value-Based Care.
32:25 You can learn more at or email Brian at