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Jun 3, 2014

Today on the program, I speak with Robert Herzog, Founder and CEO of eCaring. eCaring is a system, with an iPad app as its centerpiece, which increases the efficiency and productivity of care managers responsible for patient homecare. His system is a great way to extend healthcare into the home, and collect actionable data from the home. Both are essential to control outcomes because it's where patients spend 95% of their time.

A few things that Robert said which I found very interesting:

  • eCaring customers are people who were "ripe for change?" Inertia is his biggest competitor.
  • Robert credits some measure of his success to his relentless drive toward intuitive simplicity
  • His plan to integrate eCaring data into a larger data pool is to work through HIEs (Health Information Exchanges)
  • eCaring enables a great use of care extenders, who have the data to be able to talk to physicians if necessary. So it's a very efficient use of resources.  

Robert Herzog CEO, eCaring

Robert has an extensive background in digital media and creative enterprises as an entrepreneur and executive.  For several years he was deeply involved in the home and extended care of his mother Grace, which gave him an understanding of the problems eCaring is designed to solve. 

He has been a pioneer in applying new technologies to business ventures, working as a senior executive with startup companies such as Motionbox, Diva, ON2 Corp, Softcom, Granite Films and City Winery, major corporations including JPMorgan Chase, Cahners Communications and the Sarnoff Research Center, and not-for-profits including New Jersey Appleseed and Ecotrust.  In public service, he was the creator and Director of New York City’s Energy Office, and also taught public school.  Robert is also an author and filmmaker.  He graduated from Williams College and has a Master’s from the New School.