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Aug 30, 2018

I'm a creative and detail-oriented professional gardener with many years of hands-on experience in addition to attending ongoing college courses at Edmonds Community College in their highly regarded Horticulture program.

In my previous career, I spent a lot of time working with clients on innovative ways to deliver the results they wanted while keeping an eye on the big picture. Oddly, garden design is quite similar.

I always have to keep a budget and overall objectives in mind while developing strategies and tactics, and managing external resources.

Specialties: Garden design; excel at delivering innovative solutions to garden challenges.

Precision Pruning of specimen trees including Japanese maples and flowering trees. College level and professional training in pruning.

02:30 Why Crane pays out of pocket for his exam.
03:15 The chain of events that Crane, as an average patient, went through to find out the cost for his hernia surgery.
04:20 Why Crane thought to ask for the price of the procedure in the first place.
05:15 What Crane did next when he found out how much the cost of the procedure was going to be.
06:40 David Contorno’s price shopping video - check out his episode, EP186.
09:10 Online services patients can go to get a sense of cash prices for certain procedures.
09:45 Why discovering price breakdowns for patients with insurance is so difficult.
13:50 “Generally speaking, the lower the cost, the higher the quality.”
15:50 What Crane found out from his research on
18:15 The inconsistency with negotiated insurance prices.
20:20 “Most care provided in this country is not acute.”
21:10 Resources to check the quality of the care you are receiving:,, and
25:50 “Give me more information that I can make a decision on.”