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May 23, 2016

Stacey and Dave

A 27-year veteran of managed-markets marketing, David is the President/CEO of Pinnacle Health Communications. After working in consumer marketing with AT&T and healthcare publishing with Elsevier, David made the move to medical advertising and communications at K.I. Lipton, Inc. Subsequently, he became a cofounder of Pinnacle. David is an accomplished strategist, providing innovative customer marketing, access, quality, and health intervention solutions for large clients and has directed the development of numerous industry-leading campaigns in primary care and specialty markets. He has supported clients in disease areas that include oncology (Bristol Myers Squibb [BMS], Novartis, Eisai), virology (BMS, Merck & Co.), pharmacy (American Pharmacists Association, Merck, Novartis), and blood disorders (Novo Nordisk), to name a few. David has helped more than 15 clients achieve top rankings in their respective categories. He is also an active member of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

00:00 Dave discusses the three success factors that Steve Case has created.
00:30 Policy, Partners, and Perseverance.
02:30 Understanding where the market is going and who is driving that.
03:00 Dave talks CMS.
03:30 “No policy is static or stagnant; there’s always unintended consequences.”
06:30 Dave and Stacey discuss payment models and the changing landscape of reimbursement in healthcare.
08:00 “Are you only managing to the next quarter?”
13:00 Having a forward-looking strategy.
13:45 “There has to be organizational vision, commitment, determination and activity to pursue objectives.”
14:45 “Do you serve an immediate need, or do you build opportunity over time?”
18:20 The two related emerging dynamics in healthcare.
23:00 The big advantage of having a long-term partnership.
28:00 Change and the rapidly evolving marketplace.
29:00 “You need to see where the market is going; you need to develop a plan for both today and tomorrow.”
29:30 “This is a journey, not a destination.”