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Sep 29, 2016

chris_klomp_280Chris is the CEO of Collective Medical Technologies, a Salt Lake City-based health technology company which helps providers and payers to take better care of their patients and members using real-time risk identification, stakeholder notifications, and collaborative care planning tools. CMT is obsessively focused on eliminating avoidable patient risk by designing simple yet highly-effective technology-driven clinical solutions. Chris was previously a vice president at Bain Capital and an associate consultant with Bain & Company. He holds a B.A. with honors in Economics and English from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, from which he graduated as an Arjay Miller Scholar. He lives with his wife and children in Salt Lake City where, together, they enjoy all things outdoors, family, and friends.

Twitter: @CollectiveMed, @1klomp

00:00 Reducing Wasteful Spend in Healthcare.
02:35 Emergency Medical Spend is as a percentage of total Healthcare cost in the U.S. is only between 2-4%.
03:30 How ED spending is low-hanging fruit.
04:30 What Collective Medical Technologies is.
05:00 Impacting what happens in the Emergency Department vs. Using real-time data to identify the patient in the ED for better care.
06:15 How Malintent and Mis-intent create opportunities in the Emergency Department.
08:00 Getting patients to exactly the right Care Setting in the moment.
12:45 What happens when a patient enters the ED.
15:45 Meeting the Patient’s needs while authenticating the Patient’s visit.
17:15 “It’s about the information you don’t know.”
17:30 Information Asymmetries.
20:00 What someone needs to know about Managing Data to Identify Risks.
21:50 Creating timely, Meaningful Conversations.
22:15 Real-time Data.
23:00 Thinking about Risk and Imminent Readmission.
23:45 In-the-moment Risk Analytics.
25:00 Collaboration in a Care Plan to reduce Wasteful Spend.
26:00 The Right Data, Risk Analytics, Communication, and Community-Wide Collaboration.
28:20 How Social Determinants affect Wasteful Spend in the ED.
30:10 You can find out more information at