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Jun 6, 2016

Noah WeinerNoah Weiner is the CEO/Cofounder of Avhana Health.  Started because the lack of clinical decision support (CDS) functionality that exist in modern electronic health records. Avhana Health has developed a cloud based CDS platform that helps care providers do the right thing to improve quality and increase reimbursements.

Before founding Avhana Health, Noah researched patient safety at the Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and was part of the innovation and the transformation team of the Epic Project, both at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Noah earned his undergraduate degree at Lafayette College (Easton, Pennsylvania).
Noah can be reached via email at noah (at) avhana (dot) com. Visit Avhana Health on the web at or on twitter @AvhanaHealth.Noah Weiner

00:00 What is Population Health?
01:00 EHRs and work flow.
01:45 Electronic Health Records as fee-for-service model tools and the challenges of making EHRs work with population health analytics after meaningful use.
02:45 Melding the puzzle pieces of health tech together for population health.
06:30 Getting Clinical Pathways to operate smoothly within EHRs.
11:00 Integrating Third Party Systems with EHRs through APIs.
12:00 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
14:30 The usefulness of feedback loops within EHRs.
16:30 Tailoring EHR messages according to providers and patients.
17:20 Measuring population health and reimbursing providers through quality measures.
18:00 The necessity of accuracy in EHRs for the sake of provider quality reimbursement.
20:50 Avhana’s work with Athenahealth.
24:00 Tailoring quality guidelines according to individual providers.
25:20 Providing identical services to both outpatient and inpatient providers.
26:40 The time lag data warehouses can cause to backend reports.
33:30 You can find out more information or