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Mar 21, 2016

Troy TrygstadTroy Trygstad, PharmD, PhD, MBA, is Vice President of Pharmacy Programs at Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), a parent organization of 14 regional care-management networks. These networks bring together medical practices, county health departments, hospital systems, and mental health providers to integrate care delivery for Medicaid, Medicare, private plans, employers, and the uninsured. CCNC and its networks are responsible for developing and evaluating innovative care systems in North Carolina. Under his direction at CCNC, the Network Pharmacist Program has grown to include pharmacists who are involved in a number of diverse activities including medication reconciliation, e-prescribing facilitation, and management of pharmacy benefits. He has also been involved in novel adherence implementations, as well as the development of adherence technologies that use administrative claims data to predict, intervene, and triage adherence interventions and coaching opportunities. Dr. Trygstad received his PharmD and MBA degrees from Drake University and a PhD in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy from the University of North Carolina.

Twitter: @TroyTrygstad
Troy Trygstad

00:00 “I am optimistic about the future of pharmacy, but I fear those who are stagnant.”
02:00 Practice transformation.
03:20 Bridging the divide between measurement and payment.
04:30 Fee For Service Systems and Fee For Product Systems.
06:00 TRUE: Collaboration with community pharmacies is advantageous for any entity responsible for a panel of patients with high-level medication use.
08:00 The definition of a Medical Neighborhood.
10:50 Marrying the concept of a Pharmacy Home and a Medical Home.
13:50 The Pharmacy Home Project at CCNC.
15:30 How a PCP can become part of the Pharmacy Home Project.
18:30 How a patient can become part of the Pharmacy Home Project.
19:50 What’s the appeal of a Pharmacy Community, and who foots the bill.
22:45 How pharmacies need to change in order to become viable in the transforming future of healthcare.
24:40 “All reimbursement on drugs is sort of equal.”
27:30 Why workflow considerations are the hardest part.
28:40 “We want all pharmacies to be all things.”
32:00 How a Health Information Exchange can help a pharmacy adapt.