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Feb 4, 2016

Jeff ScottJeff Scott is the VP of Business Development for DHS Group, a health, wellness and population health software company with offices in Houston, TX, and Cleveland, OH. He has over twelve years of corporate and business development experience spanning financial services, healthcare and software verticals

Prior to DHS Group, Jeff was CFO of Movable, a health and wellness software startup that was acquired by DHS Group in 2015. Before Movable, Jeff was VP of Strategy and Business Development for KeyBank, where he developed organic and inorganic growth strategies for all areas of the $90B financial institution, with a heavy emphasis on healthcare and B2B payments verticals.

Jeff’s experience includes managing P&Ls, building new sales teams, launching new products and developing & executing sales strategies. He has advised companies of all sizes on health, wellness, financial and technology strategies.

00:00 DHS: Dynamic Health Strategies.
01:50 Jeff explains what DHS does and the story behind its creation and original mission.
02:45 Self-funded companies and what they are.
04:30 What sort of savings could come with being self-funded, and how a company often needs to be 5000+ employees large to enjoy the ability to be self-funded.
06:00 What makes DHS unique.
07:30 How smaller businesses can and do have a say in employee insurance.
11:15 Jeff discusses Employers as drivers of healthcare, insurance premiums, and privacy.
16:00 Why and how employers want to get their employees engaged in their own health.
18:00 Best practices for self-funded employers who subsequently have access to their employee’s health data.
19:00 “Do you penalize people for not doing certain things, or incentivize people for doing those things?”
19:45 What puts DHS above the rest.
21:30 How DHS makes employers and employees’ lives better.
25:00 DHS’s unique approach to employee health.
28:50 How companies are getting their employees to achieve certain health goals.
32:00 How a business’s majority employee base often determines the company’s interest in employee health.
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