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Nov 15, 2015

Jan LeeDr. Jan Lee is the Chief Executive Officer of the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN). She is a board certified Family Practice physician with a Master of Medical Management degree and a wealth of leadership experience. Prior to joining DHIN, she was Vice President of Knowledgebase and Content for NextGen Healthcare, a leading vendor of health information technology products and services, where she was responsible for the development of clinical content in 26 medical specialty areas for the NextGen electronic health record. She transitioned to NextGen from a career in the United States Air Force, where she had worldwide assignments in clinical settings from outpatient clinics to medical centers, several academic appointments, and varied leadership and command assignments. She served in a senior leadership capacity at Headquarters, Air Force as the Chief Information Officer of the Air Force Medical Service. She steered management of a $3.2B IT portfolio supporting 130K Department of Defense healthcare employees and 9.1M beneficiaries worldwide. She led implementation of the Department of Defense EHR throughout the Air Force to 75 facilities of all sizes supporting all medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. She has served on a range of national level committees and workgroups, and is frequently sought as a speaker on health and health IT topics. Her specific areas of interest are health policy and the use of health IT to improve clinical practice and population health. Recent recognition includes listing in “Guide to America’s Top Family Doctors” and “Who’s Who in America” and selection by “Cambridge Who’s Who” as Executive of the Year.

00:00 Jan explains DHIN, the Delaware Health Information Network.
02:45 How DHIN works with other HIEs.
03:00 How National Standards for HIEs make exchanging information across borders easier.
04:00 There are no laws that prevent hospitals from participating in more than one HIE.
04:30 DHIN’s interstate agreement with Maryland’s HIE.
05:00 How DHIN is enabling continuity of information to support continuity of care.
06:00 The secondary initiatives that DHIN pursues.
07:30 DHIN’s effort to encourage providers to follow up with patients after hospital visits to cut down on readmittance.
09:00 Why it is in enlightened self-interest for providers to pursue early follow-ups after hospital discharge.
11:40 Transitional Care Management: The effort that you spend in reaching out to a patient, in order to get them to return for a follow-up visit.
13:20 How DHIN operates as a backbone for patients and providers setting up follow-up visits after a discharge.
17:00 “When you’ve got the data, there is so much more you can do than simply pat the patient on the back and say, ‘On to the next one’.”
18:00 DHIN’s work in research and clinical trials.
23:00 How DHIN helped prevent a Swine Flu outbreak.
25:30 The two ways for public health to access data.
27:15 How DHIN is getting patients involved in their own data and healthcare.
35:00 How DHIN is one of the only self-supporting HIEs in the nation.
42:00 You can find out more information at, as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.