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Nov 1, 2015

Danyell JonesSenior level Healthcare Strategy Professional with more than 15 years of progressive and diverse experience driving revenue and increasing operational efficacy in environments such as healthcare consulting, professional banking, finance, and corporate staffing with an emphasis on results and efficiency.

  • Published Contributor with a half dozen articles published to more than three professional industry magazines including: Behavioral Health Magazine, Journal of Managed Care Medicine, Sales and Marketing Leadership, and Executive Insight: Strategies and Solutions for Healthcare Leaders (2011-2014)
  • Featured contributor to Siemen’s Healthworks Collective Blog 2012-2015
  • Nominated as one of Americas “Who’s Who” of professional women executives 2011, 2013
  • Founder of Giving Time Giving Life Charitable Organization 2010
  • Volunteer Participation Includes, but is not limited to: MT State Archaeological Foundation; Habitat for Humanity; Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, KS; Human Rights Watch; Sporting Kansas City

Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, and successfully achieve business strategy objectives through comprehensive and cost effective implementation strategies. This experience includes leading national sales teams, driving C-suite level strategy and implementation programs, overseeing all Marketing Department operations, and developing and executing product development and social media strategies.

Excellent interpersonal skills with a reputation for logic, efficiency, and versatility. Demonstrated success in achieving sales goals, beginning to end implementation of marketing strategies including inbound, outbound, and social media initiatives. Skilled at developing sound business practices through departmental development, responsibility for budgetary oversight, and revenue driving initiatives which have met or exceeded expectations.

00:00 Danyell talks BHM Healthcare Solutions and the growth of the company.
00:45 The two arms of BHM Healthcare Solutions.
01:30 Danyell explains Urac.
02:00 BHM Healthcare’s predominant type of customers/clients.
02:40 What BHM Healthcare’s customers are searching for the most.
04:45 The changing demands for the healthcare industry to do more with less.
07:25 “At times, you just can’t fight change--you really need to embrace it.”
08:30 “Patient Centricity”: Putting the patient at the center of care, and the better outcomes this creates.
10:00 “A lot of what companies focus on isn’t healthcare, it’s sick-care.”
11:15 Danyell gives an example of a successful patient-centric company.
15:30 The varying degrees of difficulty of wading through patient data.
16:00 “Data is the backbone of the new standard of delivery of care.”
18:00 The need for provider organizations to aggregate their key data.
19:45 Danyell explains a Patient-Centered Medical Home.
21:30 The current trends with Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH).
22:00 What separated the successful PCMHs from the failures.
24:15 Opportunity costs, operational efficiencies, and success.
25:30 Danyell’s advice on where provider organizations need to start to find success in operational efficiency.
34:00 You can find out more information about BHM Healthcare at, LinkedIn at The Healthcare Insider group, at Twitter @BHMHealthcare.