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Aug 24, 2015

Josh Benner

Joshua Benner, PharmD, ScD, is the Founder of RxAnte, a provider of science-based information technology solutions for improving quality and lowering the cost of healthcare.

In August 2014, Dr. Benner was named the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development for RxAnte’s parent company, Millennium Health.

A leading voice on medication adherence, Dr. Benner’s award-winning research and numerous publications have shed new light on the problem of nonadherence and identified promising approaches to improving it. Prior to RxAnte, Dr. Benner was Fellow and Managing Director at the Brookings Institution’s Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform, where he focused on medical technology policy. Prior to Brookings, Dr. Benner was principal at ValueMedics Research, an analytic and consulting services firm. Following the successful sale of ValueMedics to IMS Health in 2007, he served as senior principal in health economics and outcomes research and global lead for medication adherence at IMS. Dr. Benner received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Drake University and his Doctor of Science in health policy and management from the Harvard University School of Public Health. He remains a Visiting Scholar in Economic Studies at Brookings, and is an adjunct scholar in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

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00:00 Josh explains what RxAnte is, and why he founded it.
02:00 How Underuse, Overuse, and Misuse of prescription drugs is costing Americans $300 Billion a year.
03:15 RxAnte’s approach to fixing the adherence problem and preventing underuse of prescription medication
06:00 RxAnte’s approach to identify patients at risk of underusing their prescription medications.
06:45 How Real-Time prescription data allows providers to open up a conversation about adherence with their patients.
08:40 How Value-Based reimbursement is benefiting medication use as well.
09:00 How RxAnte predicts which patients will stop using their prescription medications too soon.
11:35 How RxAnte screens for patients who might stop using prescription medication due to its side effects.
14:15 RxAnte factors in types of prescription medication prescribed, and known side effects for those drugs.
17:00 RxAnte uses data to not only identify at-risk patients, but also help providers prescribe more accurately to proactively prevent adherence issues.
18:30 The steps by which RxAnte establishes their services, once hired.
19:20 Who hires RxAnte, and why.
22:15 What is RxEffect and how it works.
24:40 Population Health Nurses and the growing popularity of this occupation.
26:00 Why providers are choosing RxAnte.
28:00 The problem with the typical “P for P” system.
34:00 Where RxAnte’s services begin for patients at risk of overdosing on medication, particularly unsafe use of pain medications.
37:50 You can find out more information at